Welcome to my site!

I'm a self taught programmer, classically trained mathematician, and former educator. A strong foundation in mathematics gives me skills in abstract reasoning, but programming gives me tools to solve abstract problems. Most of my programming experience is with Python, but I'm also familiar with Haskell, Swift, Javascript, PHP, C++, and Ruby. See all my posts and projects or view my resume.

Some Featured Projects

On the Center of Non Relativistic Lie Algebras

A paper I wrote presenting novel finding in the field of Lie algebras with applications in both pure math and mathematical physics.


A game of blackjack that can be played in the terminal. This program was written using OOP in Python. This application is a full python package with several modules.

Mortgage Calculator 2.0

My first GUI application written in Python. This is a very simple mortgage calculator that asks the user for basic details about a mortgage then provides information such as monthly payment and total interest paid over the life of the loan.